Longridge High School Code Of Conduct:

Respect, Grow, Learn TOGETHER

We Learn Together

By being on time and fully prepared for all our lessons and activities.
By completing our Classwork and our Homework to the best of our ability.
By listening to our teachers and following their advice and guidance.
By being positive and willing to have a go, even if it’s difficult.
By aiming high and doing our best in everything.
By working in harmony, moving forward and making progress.

We Respect Our Learning

By allowing others to learn.
By always doing our best.
By joining in and co-operating.
By listening.
By responding positively.

We Respect Others

We treat each other with understanding and consideration at all times.
We respect everyone by listening and doing our best.
We respect the views, opinions and feelings of others.
We welcome visitors and guests to our school with a smile.

We Respect Our Environment

We look after our own property and that of others.
We keep our school litter free.
We follow the guidance on moving around the school and yard safely and sensibly.
We respect our school by wearing full uniform at all times and by not chewing.

We Grow As People

We talk through our problems.
We take responsibility for our own actions and behaviour.
We politely ask for help when we need it.
We expect to be treated with fairness and justice and to treat others in this way.
We help others who are in difficulty.