Be Ready For Your Learning: Equipment

Successful students:

• Are organised and ready for school each and every day
• Get their HWK done on time and handed in
• Never need to borrow equipment from their friends or their teacher
• Sort their PE kit the night before it is needed
• Always have their Planner

It is your responsibility to have these things with you every single day:

• At least two pens, black ink
• A green pen for self-correction
• Pencil, eraser and sharpener
• A ruler
• Your Planner
• A sensible school bag which will hold an A4 folder

For Mathematics and Science you will also need:

• A scientific calculator
• A pair of compasses
• A protractor

For Art and Design Technology you will also need:

• A set of coloured pencils
• Lead pencils: 2H, HB and 2B
• A black fine liner pen
• An apron