26/06/2019 – Contingency Day – You MUST be available to sit any exams up to and including this day in the event of any national or local disruption to examinations.

Students will receive an individual Exam Timetable which will detail exact start/finish times closer to the start of the exams.

Please note – all exam dates and times are set by the Exam Boards and that, although the school is not allowed to vary the date, the school sometimes has to vary start times slightly as a result of exam clashes.

AM 9:00 startPM 1:00 start
08/05/2019French Speaking ExamsFrench Speaking Exams
09/05/2019French Speaking ExamsFrench Speaking Exams
10/05/2019German Speaking ExamsGerman Speaking Exams
13/05/2019OCR Computer Science Paper 1OCR RE (2 papers) Christianity & Islam
14/05/2019AQA French Listening & ReadingAQA Biology Paper 1
15/05/2019OCR PE Paper 1 Physical Factors affecting performanceWJEC English Literature Component 1 (Macbeth and Poetry Anthology)
16/05/2019AQA Chemistry Paper 1OCR Computer Science Paper 2
17/05/2019AQA French WrittenAQA Drama
17/05/2019PE Paper 2 – Socio-cultural issues & sports psychology
20/05/2019OCR RE Religion, Philosophy & Ethics
21/05/2019EDEXCEL Maths Paper 1AQA Geography Paper 1 Physical
22/05/2019AQA Physics Paper 1
23/05/2019WJEC English Literature Component 2 (An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and Unseen Poetry)
24/05/2019EDEXCEL Business Studies Paper 1
03/06/2019EDEXCEL History Paper 1 Crime & PunishmentOCR iMedia
04/06/2019WJEC English Language Component 1 – Fiction (Fiction text and Narrative Writing)AQA Music
04/06/2019EDEXCEL Business Studies Paper 2
05/06/2019AQA Geography Paper 2 Human
06/06/2019EDEXCEL Maths Paper 2EDEXCEL History Paper 2 Cold War & Elizabeth
07/06/2019WJEC English Language Component 2- Non-fiction (Two non-fiction texts and Transactional Writing)AQA Biology Paper 2
10/06/2019WJEC Food & NutritionOCR Health & Social The Values of Care
11/06/2019EDEXCEL Maths Paper 3EDEXCEL History Paper 3 Weimar & Nazi Germany
12/06/2019AQA Chemistry Paper 2AQA German Listening & Reading
13/06/2019AQA Geography Paper 3 SDME & Field WorkAQA Dance
14/06/2019AQA Physics Paper 2
17/06/2019AQA German Written