Headteacher's Welcome


Welcome to our school website which I hope will capture the positive atmosphere and ethos of our school, a place where young people are allowed to develop and learn in a safe and stimulating environment.

We are passionate in the belief that every young person deserves an excellent education, and we prepare every young person for life through a consistent approach to excellent behaviour, good manners and hard work, embodied in our school’s core values: ‘Respect, Learn, Grow, Together’. This shared set of values is quantified in an excellent set of GCSE results 2018, which support the hard work and determination of all at Longridge High School. They show our commitment to ensuring the most positive outcomes for all our young people, instilling in them the self-belief that they can achieve their very best at this school.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Jane Green (Headteacher)

Excellence and ambition from all, for all

At Longridge High School ‘Excellence and ambition from all, for all’ is at our core. We are passionate about and committed to providing excellent all round learning experiences for every pupil, allowing them to thrive and develop in a supportive, secure and challenging environment where they can enjoy, aspire and achieve.

We aim to achieve this by providing an ambitious and fully inclusive environment where:
• Pupils are ambitious and aspire to achieve their fullest potential in terms of attainment and progress
• Teaching and learning are at the heart of the school, engendering a life-long love of learning
• Pupils are allowed to develop as ambitious, empathetic and self- confident young people who are well-rounded and fully equipped to face life beyond High School
• We are continually reviewing and developing the curriculum so it is rich, broad and balanced
• Mutual respect is promoted across the school with the highest standards of behaviour expected from all at all times
• Success and achievement are recognised and celebrated across the school, with the strengths and needs of all pupils recognised, and individuality encouraged and celebrated
• A rich and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities is provided as we believe this is intrinsic to a child’s development and school experience

These aims are reflected in our school priorities for 2019/2020, which are summarised as:
1. To provide an engaging and ambitious curriculum which raises aspirations for all and improves progress for all, and which is delivered through quality teaching and learning
2. To provide a supportive and ambitious pastoral environment in order to raise aspirations and improve progress for all
3. To ensure the personal development of our pupils is fully inclusive and meets the needs of the most reluctant and the most vulnerable
4. To provide consistent, ambitious and robust leadership at all levels